Special Effects Lightroom Presets


Unique, dramatic, and amazing looks with just one click.

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These presets are for you if…

You've struggled to create industry-worthy edits. 

You want to capture the flash of modern-day Hollywood in your images. 

Lightroom is slowing down your workflow.

Imagine you could…

  • Create and edit a scene worthy of a film set.
  • Try multiple different looks with a few clicks and feel inspired, again and again.
  • Cut down your post-processing time considerably.

What you'll get

If you are trying to make a big bold statement with your images these presets are for you.

This pack includes a total of 38 presets. I have gathered a collection of the most popular effects that I have used and have seen over the years.

With one click produce dramatic black & whites, turn day to night, create stunning HDR scenes, apply urban grunge, and much, much more.

If you have ever wondered how this kind of look is achieved you will love these presets.


The drama of Hollywood at your fingertips

“Have you ever wondered how to get that super contrasty desaturated look, the Hollywood film look, or what to do with a bad weather photo? You will find all the tools you need in this Special Effects Pack.”

– Kelvin Pimont

Hear what users have to say…

“I was feeling like my photography wasn’t standing out on Instagram and 500px. Once I started using these I started getting noticed. My editing is better and faster too!”

“If I’m really stuck with an edit, these presets breathe new life into what I’m doing. Making big bold decisions can take a while but these give me epic options and get my image where I want it much more quickly!”

“I’m working on a big project and these have been an amazing addition to my workflow. I’m able to quickly get images to a good point and try different things on the fly. Thanks!”

30 Day Guarantee

No questions asked 30 day refund guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back. Rock solid guarantee.

Special Effects Lightroom Presets


Unique, dramatic, and amazing looks with just one click.

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