10 Photoshop Secrets That Changed My Life

How to stand out in a sea of artists, create an effect and realize your vision in minutes.

Sneak Peek...

  • Learn my top 10 Photoshop secrets that changed my life.
  • Discover how to create art that stands out.
  • How to work faster in Photoshop using better tools.
  • How to create dramatic and artistic images in minutes.
  • Take any idea and turn it into reality.
  • Learn doable things that you can apply today!

What you'll learn

How to create an effect with your art.

How to speed up your editing and stay inspired.

How to stay ahead with Photoshop and create work that stands out.


All attendees will receive a FREE gift!

Photoshop Tips & Tricks


Learn the five fundamental techniques you need to create more amazing work in Photoshop. I’ve broken down professional retouching workflows so that any Photoshop user can master them with ease.


Kelvin Pimont is a Creative Director and Photoshop teacher, having taught millions of Photoshoppers worldwide. He is the author of the acclaimed Photoshop 101 and award-winning designer. Having designed personally with Pierre Cardin and Christian Lacroix, or prestigious brands like Cartier and L’Oréal.


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