Rain & Splashes Photoshop Brushes


Add Rain & Water Effects Quickly in Photoshop

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These presets are for you if…

You’ve struggled to capture your subject and the rain at the same time.

You’ve spent a long time working on a photo and it hasn’t improved.

Your photos aren’t dramatic enough and you don’t know what to do.

Imagine you could…

  • Quickly add rain and splashes to your images when editing.
  • Use powerful tools to inject drama into a dull image.
  • Save hours of editing and get incredible impactful results.

What you’ll get

This package includes 20 Photoshop Brushes for creating rain, splashes & puddles. 

Photoshop Brushes are a fun and easy way to get creative with your photo & add special effects. 

I find that a lot of automatic ways of creating weather effects fall short (motion blur noise for rain, render fibers & levels for snow, etc.) and don’t give it the impact or emotion I usually want in my photos.

These are the brushes I use to add a little extra flair to my photos or get creative and make something dramatic. I know you’ll enjoy using them!


Get creative and make something dramatic.

“These high-resolution tools have not only saved me hours and hours of painstaking editing but also photos that didn’t come out great can be transformed into epic, moody and dramatic images.”

– Kelvin Pimont

Hear what photographers have to say…

“I’m so happy I got these! Whether I want a little touch of texture or a heavy transformation of an image these are my go-to brushes.”

“I use these on my composites ALL the time. Really easy to use, very versatile and the effects are incredible!”

“I’ve been shopping around for the right tool for my photography and I finally found them! I’m able to completely change a scene with these brushes. I’m really happy with them!”

30 Day Guarantee

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Rain & Splashes Photoshop Brushes


Add Rain & Water Effects Quickly in Photoshop

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