Photoshop 101


Learn how to edit quickly, build confidence in your skills and become an advanced Photoshop user.

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This course is for you if…

You feel like you could be creating better images in Photoshop.

There are some tools and techniques you don’t understand.

You rely on the same techniques and they don’t always work.

Imagine you could…

  • Be able to transform any image into a beautiful piece of art.
  • Use all of the tools in Photoshop like a pro.
  • Feel confident and skillful in your Photoshop workflow.

What you'll learn

Photoshop is the world’s most popular editing software but most users aren’t using it to its full potential.

This course teaches you Adobe Photoshop starting from the very basics such as layers, selections and brushes, and then more advanced gradient maps, masks, adjustment layers, and much more. You’ll learn everything you need to know to start using the full power of Photoshop on every image.

Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced Photoshop user this course will help you master the fundamentals, increase your understanding of all the tools you should be using and let you take control of your editing. 


Project Based Training

“I made this course so that any Photoshop user can nail down the most powerful techniques in Photoshop. The number of workflow options and tools available can seem daunting. I break this down using simple language in a way that makes advanced editing possible for everyone.”

– Kelvin Pimont


3h 50m




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Part 1


Getting Started

We go over layers, basic transform, the brush tool, the eraser, masks and selections as well as an introduction to Camera RAW.



In this lesson, we cover Camera RAW basics, cropping, some basic blending modes and adjustment layers.


Details Part 1

Here we learn how to use the clone stamp tool, the pen tool and creating vector paths.


Details Part 2

In the second part of this project, we learn how to create titles and add fonts.



In this lesson, you learn about various technical elements of digital photos such as color space, resolution, file formats as well as saving and exporting.

Part 2


Mont Saint Michel Part 1

In this lesson, we cover importing files and creating layers, and then changing layer blending modes to achieve the desired result, gradients, layer masks and color depth.


Mont Saint Michel Part 2

In this lesson, we learn to create a detailed selection and how to use refine edges.


Mont Saint Michel Part 3

In this lesson, we learn how to manipulate colors and light with blending modes and masks.


Mont Saint Michel Part 4

Here we learn to make another detailed selection and turn it into a mask to then blend two layers together.


Mont Saint Michel Part 5

Here we learn how to blend colors using gradient maps.


Mont Saint Michel Part 6

In this lesson, we cover more lighting effects and methods for blending layers. We also learn more about Photoshop filters.


Mont Saint Michel Part 7

In this lesson, we learn to fine tune a composite, including split toning.

Part 3


Church Part 1

In this lesson, we learn more about how to use Camera RAW, and then how to create a detailed extraction.


Church Part 2

In this lesson we learn how to manipulate layers, add special effect brushes and more gradient maps.


Church Part 3

Here we cover how to add type and add effects to text.

Part 4



In this lesson, we learn some more on Camera RAW and then how to get rid of something undesirable in Photoshop.



Here we cover more about Camera RAW and giving an image a strong stylized look.



In this lesson, we learn about black and white portrait retouching.


Sky Replacement Easy

This lesson covers basic sky replacement techniques.


Sky Replacement Advanced

In this lesson, we learn to transform an image and replace the sky.

Hear what students have to say…

“I’ve been using Photoshop for years, I never really knew what I was doing but this course has really helped me use more of Photoshop and the results are just incredible!”

“This the third Photoshop course I’ve taken - I’m just getting started with editing my images. This course is the best one I’ve done. Kelvin is an amazing teacher able to explain complicated techniques in a way that I, as a beginner, could understand and learn.”

“I’ve always wondered how people do this stuff!!! I thought it was going to be impossible for me to create images like the ones I know can. Thanks so much Kelvin!!!!”

Photoshop 101


Learn how to edit quickly, build confidence in your skills and become an advanced Photoshop user.

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