Photo Restoration Workflow


Restore unsalvageable photos like a pro.

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This course is for you if…

You have family photos that have been destroyed over the years.

You’ve tried to restore an old photo but the results weren’t great.

The cost of photo restoration has stopped you in the past.

Imagine you could…

  • Transform an old, worn-out, or bent image and put it on display.
  • Save hundreds of dollars by professionally restoring photos yourself.
  • Feel confident that you can restore any image - no matter how destroyed.

What you'll learn

Learn to fully restore any photograph in under 3 hours! 

In this course, you will take 3 old photos and fully restore them alongside me using the source files included.

Using a variety of tools like clone stamping, heal brushing, gradient maps, free transforms, curve, and level adjustments, you will learn to use these tools to restore ruined photos to their original glory and even better than the original!


Project Based Training

“Whether you have family photos that have been passed down or you have lost the negatives for an old image, being able to restore these precious memories so they can be cherished for years to come is an amazing skill that all photographers should know.”

– Kelvin Pimont


2h 53m




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Part 1



Find out what I’ll be teaching on this course.


Extract and Align

How to make and save detailed selections, make layers with layer masks, align layers in free transform and use the clone stamp tool to re-create missing pixels.


Selections and Clone Stamping

How to re-create missing or damaged pixels using the clone stamp tool and pen tool. Using selections with cloning.


Gradient Maps

How to fix color aberrations using gradient maps.


Fixing Bends and Kinks

How to fix highlights from bent photos and get rid of kinks.


Levels, Curves and Localized Color Corrections

How to color correct and adjust contrast using levels and curves. How to do localized color corrections.


Healing Brush for Dust and Scratches

Cleaning up all the dust and scratches manually to maintain amazing detail using the healing brush tool.


Lossless Sharpening

How to do lossless sharpening on localized elements.

Part 2


Setting Your White and Black Points

How to set your white and black points with curves and masking adjustment layers. 


Contrast, Camera Raw Filter and Creating Clouds

How to add an S-curve, use the Camera Raw filter, color range selections, and create artificial clouds. 


Dust and Scratches Filter & Creating Sepia

Using the dust and scratches filter, adding layer masks, use the healing brush tool and creating a sepia effect. 


Cleaning up Imperfections

Using the Black and White filter, cleaning up imperfections and making local adjustments. 


Quick Masks

Making detailed selections with Quick Mask.


Adjustment Layers

Making adjustment layers with masks to adjust elements separately.


Compositing and Blending

Using masks to make a composite and blending layers. Using gradient maps to colorize a photo and creating photo grain.

Hear what photographers have to say…

“My grandfather’s photos were what originally inspired me to get into photography. Having sat in a drawer for years they are completely destroyed. I’ve been trying to fix them for ages and this course had ALL the information I needed to get them fixed and now I can hang them on the wall!”

“I’ve been looking into having my photos professionally restored at a photo lab. All the quotes I received were much more than I could afford. This course not only saved me money and my photos but taught valuable techniques that I can use in my everyday editing.”

“What an awesome course! I had completely given up on ever being able to print some of my old work. With this training I’ve been able to restore the images, they look amazing and it took about 1/100th of the time I was expecting. Thanks Kelvin - another amazing course!!!”

Photo Restoration Workflow


Restore unsalvageable photos like a pro.

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