Light Rays Photoshop Brushes


Add the drama of light rays to a boring image with just a few clicks.

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These brushes and overlays are for you if…

The lighting in your images isn’t interesting enough.

You’ve ever struggled to capture light rays in the past.

To get amazing results in Photoshop is taking too long.

Imagine you could…

  • Create incredible light in your photos and composites with ease.
  • Add the stunning effect of light rays to any image.
  • Speed up your editing and achieve incredible results.

What you’ll get

50 high-resolution overlay images that you can use to transform the light in an image. You’ll be able to conjure the mood of light hitting dust scattered through the trees or a single ray landing on your subject.

With these brushes, you’ll be able to brush in the exact effect you want and transform any light source.

Whether you want the look of light shining through a window, shining through smoke, through threes, top-down, from the side—you can find all of them in this pack!


Transform the light in any image

“Capturing light hitting dust or fog as well as getting sharp focus and the correct exposure on everything else is really difficult sometimes. When I use these tools I can instantly add the effects that I wanted. Even if there is no direct sun or light I can add the perfect look.”

– Kelvin Pimont

Hear what users have to say…

“Wow, these are awesome. I can take a pretty average snapshot and with very little work get crazy beautiful looks. Thank you!!”

“I love the look of light rays and have tried and tried to capture them. I either have cool light or everything else looking great. Never both. These have solved this problem for me. Easy to use and the effects I can create are just magic.”

“I use these all the time on my composites. I’m able to completely change a scene, move the light around, and get epic results. It’s like having a lighting rig and a smoke machine!!”

30 Day Guarantee

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Light Rays Photoshop Brushes


Add the drama of light rays to a boring image with just a few clicks.

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