Light Leaks & Bokeh Photoshop Brushes


The ultimate tools for creating amazing lighting effects.

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These presets are for you if…

You don’t know how to get a “lomo” look to your photos.

You love the look of light leaks and bokeh but struggle to capture them.

You feel your images aren’t interesting enough.

Imagine you could…

  • Add high-resolution light leaks and bokeh to your images in seconds.
  • Master the lomo look and be able to create incredible effects.
  • Quickly transform a boring photo into a beautiful image.

What you’ll get

50 high-resolution images of optically captured light leaks and bokeh effects. You’ll be able to add texture to the background and foreground of an image to create a magical look.

50 light leak and bokeh brushes. These provide you an extra layer of editing opportunities. Quickly add out of focus lights or lighting effects so you can produce amazing artistic images.

Whether you are trying to create stunning portraits with unique lighting, a wild & magical composite, or an attention-grabbing social media post these are the perfect tools!


Create stunning and artistic shots

“If I’m looking for some extra intrigue or drama in a shot these brushes are my go-to tools. Easy to use, fully customizable, and ultra-realistic. You will love the effects you’ll be able to create.”

– Rikard Rodin

Hear what students have to say…

“Knowing I have these in Photoshop means I can be extra creative when shooting. Being able to add extra bokeh effects after the fact has completely changed my images!”

“I’ve never been able to get bokeh right with my camera. I bought prisms and other gadgets to shoot through but none of them were quite right. Then I found these brushes and I LOVE using them. The ultimate solution I was looking for.”

“Having both the overlays and the brush presets is awesome! I have so many different ways to edit and the results are epic!!! I’ve always wanted my images to look like this!”

30 Day Guarantee

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Light Leaks & Bokeh Photoshop Brushes


The ultimate tools for creating amazing lighting effects.

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