Illustrator Quickstart


Learn how to create your own branding, design your own stationery, and master the basics of Adobe Illustrator.

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This course is for you if…

You’ve tried and failed to get good results when using Illustrator.

You’ve spent money on business cards in the past and they didn’t look how you hoped.

You are frustrated that working in Illustrator is taking too long.

Imagine you could…

  • Get incredible results every time you are creating in Illustrator.
  • Take control of your branding by designing your own logo, business cards and letterheads.
  • Work like a pro, quickly and confidently in Illustrator.

What you'll learn

This course is designed for users of all experience levels who want to take their design skills to the next level.

I’ll start with the basics so you can really understand the interface, workflow, tools, and preferences and I’ll explain the difference between Illustrator and Photoshop in their use of vectors vs. pixels.

Once you have mastered these basics you will follow along and learn how to create logos, business cards, letterheads and you’ll learn how to draw with the vector tools.

The easy way to learn Illustrator is by starting to use it!



2h 31m




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Part 1


The Basics of Illustrator

Vectors, workspace, and tools defined.


Creating Type-Based Logos 1

Managing fonts, creating documents, and creating text.


Creating Type-Based Logos 2

Advanced text editing, using color, applying effects, and logo design basics.

Part 2


Creating Business Cards 1

Making shapes, arranging type & objects, and how to layout text & graphics in Illustrator.


Creating Business Cards 2

Rotating & scaling shapes and making a horizontal business card.


Creating Business Cards 3

Designing a square business card and working with strokes. 


Creating Business Cards 4

Grouping objects, designing with effects & gradients, and working with different units of measure.


Creating Business Cards 5

Using opacity with gradients, using the eyedropper tool with text and economical design concepts.


Creating Business Cards 6

Editing & managing artboards, advanced shape editing, and design concepts.

Part 3


Creating Stationery 1

How clipping masks work, multiple artboards & documents, layer basics, importing & using images and opacity control.


Creating Stationery 2

Saving files, artboard tips & tricks, controlling copy/pasting locations, and controlling colors professionally.


Creating Stationery 3

Organizing with layers, using coordinates to positon objects, and working with global colors.


Creating Stationery 4

Advanced layer management, getting advanced with clipping masks, and more design concepts.


Creating Stationery 5

Moving objects from layer to layer, navigating through layers, and creating our final design.

Part 4


Shortcuts 1

Shortcuts: the basics, tips & tricks and creating your own shortcuts keys. 


Shortcuts 2

Shortcuts for tools, expanding on tools, tips & tricks, and how to find the shortcuts for tools.


Shortcuts 3

Object manipulation, compound path basics, using groups, hiding & locking objects, and color shortcuts.


Shortcuts 4

Manipulating values, coordinates, text, and palette options quickly.


Shortcuts 5

Pen-tool specific shortcuts for drawing, outlining objects, and manipulating paths as you create them.

Hear what students have to say…

“I’ve been scared of Illustrator for ages. The interface is confusing and whenever I’ve tried in the past I’ve never managed to create something I like. With this training I’m flying around the program and able to create awesome graphics very quickly. Thank you!!”

“I created some business cards online and they were expensive, looked below average and I just wasn’t happy with them. I’m so thankful I found this course as I now have business cards and logo templates for emails and letters that truly represent me as a photographer!”

“Another incredible course from Kelvin Designs! It’s really easy to follow along and practice alongside Kelvin and he breaks down things I’ve been confused by for years in a way that I can really understand and then use.”

Illustrator Quickstart


Learn how to create your own branding, design your own stationery, and master the basics of Adobe Illustrator.

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