Bokeh Photoshop Presets


Add magical bokeh effects to your images with one click.

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These presets are for you if…

Your attempts at Bokeh haven't turned out how you hoped. 

Working in Lightroom is slowing you down. 

Photoshop is slowing down your workflow.

Imagine you could…

  • Create the image you dreamed of when you took the shot.
  • Try multiple different looks with a few clicks and feel reinspired.
  • Cut down your post-processing time considerably.

What you'll get

This gorgeous set of 50 Photoshop Presets will help you create bokeh in any of your images. Adding the stunning effect of out of focus light will transport your subjects and add intrigue with a single click.

These presets work well on a wide variety of images. No matter what time of day you took the picture or what effect you are trying to accomplish they will help you get there.

Using presets in Photoshop with Adobe Camera Raw allows you to edit your RAW files before uploading them into Photoshop for retouching. The great thing about this is that all edits in ACR are non-destructive and can always be reversed or tweaked.


Easily produce the mystical blurr of Bokeh

“By using these presets you will have a great starting point to retouch your own photos and most of the heavy lifting is done for you. It is also a great way to learn. These are my most personal and advanced presets ever!”

– Kelvin Pimont

Hear what users have to say…

“I find actually capturing bokeh really hard but I love the look. I’ve found using these presets has made a huge change in how great my photos look! I can have that bokeh look that I’ve been missing!”

“I’m really enjoying these presets and I’ve ended up using them a lot! I’ve found that if an area of my photo is distracting or boring I can find a preset that works and it’s an instant fix...AWESOME!”

“I’m working on a big project and these have been an amazing addition to my workflow. I’m able to quickly get images to a good point and try different things on the fly. Thanks!”

30 Day Guarantee

No questions asked 30 day refund guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back. Rock solid guarantee.

Bokeh Photoshop Presets


Add magical bokeh effects to your images with one click.

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