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Course Overview

It’s a simple law of storytelling: If you shoot, you must edit so as to tell the best story possible. And yet many creatives are intimidated by professional film and video editing software or feel that it is difficult because they have tried to learn to edit from people who focus on SOFTWARE instead of EDITING.


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Adjusting Video Speed

Applying Transitions

Inserting Titles

Editing Clips

Exporting Videos

Lessons: Part 1

Course Introduction

Introduction to editing & Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014.

Course Orientation

Learning the language of editing.

Start Editing Now - Part 1

Introduction to basic editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014.

Start Editing Now - Part 2

Refining your edit with simple editing techniques.

Linking Media and Changing Clip Speeds

How to speed up, slow down or reverse your footage.

Stabilizing Motion and Adding Motion to Static Clips

How to smooth out rough shots or add movement to still shots

Adding Transitions

How to join clips together using transition effects

Adding Titles

Using Premiere's title design tools to create nice titles directly inside your edit

Exporting your files

How to export your edit into a variety of different formats

Lessons - Part 2

How to Create a Project in Premiere

Using the create project window

An Overview of the Premiere Interface

Understanding the basic components of your editing workspace

The Toolbar tools

Learning to use the basic tools for controlling and editing within the Premiere timeline

How to Use the Source Monitor

The history and use of the source monitor in an editing workflow

How to Use the Timeline and Program Monitor

Proper editing workflow for efficient cutting

How to Use the Export Media Function

Controlling how your edit is encoded and prepared for distribution

The Importance of Organization

Why proper naming and sorting disciplines are vital to a professional workflow

In Closing

Suggestions for further study


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