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Photoshop MasteryBundle


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Photoshop mastery is on the horizon. It’s time to reach for it!

My Photoshop Mastery Bundle contains almost 13 hours of in-depth, project-based learning and hundreds of my best-selling tools. With the training and assets included the sky is the limit for your Photoshop future. From basic techniques to advanced tricks, your Photoshop ability is about to change forever.

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Photoshop Presets

I’m revealing the secrets to creating mind-bending art in Photoshop!

This bundle is for you if…

You struggle to take your great ideas and turn them into amazing images.

Using Photoshop is a slow and sometimes frustrating process.

You’ve seen images you love and wish you could create the same effects.

Imagine you could…

  • Use proven techniques to create magic in Photoshop that you are proud of!
  • Take any idea and turn it into a masterpiece!
  • Work 10 times faster in Photoshop and enjoy the process!

Hear what my students are saying…

“Kelvin’s training is some of the best anywhere online. Being able to use the same assets and work alongside him means I really understand what I’m doing and can replicate the techniques in my own work!”

“This is crazy! I now have the best tools to work within Photoshop and I’ve learned the best way to use them! I’m working so much faster, my images are so much better, and I’m having fun!! Thanks, Kelvin!”

“Kelvin has a very different aesthetic to mine and I was worried that I wouldn’t get much from this. How wrong was I?!!!! I realized that no matter the final result, this project by project learning allowed me to learn more than I ever thought possible!”

"I’m constantly looking for ways to help digital artists improve their skill. I put together this bundle because I really felt it was the most comprehensive way to help you learn quickly, use the right tools, and start creating images you are proud of!"

Kelvin Pimont

Photoshop Mastery Bundle


I’m revealing the secrets to creating mind-bending art in Photoshop!

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