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Retouch in seconds using AI
Landscape AI Presets includes 4 collections of 227 presets. You will save editing time with these easy-to-use one-click presets made for Lightroom & Photoshop.
You can add drama, create depth, enhance poor lighting, create a vintage vibe, and so much more with these powerful tools!
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In this Toolset, you'll get:

Natural AI Presets

Choose from a variety of golden or blue hour, day or night, snowy or long exposure presets that help you capture the essence of nature in your photography. 36 Natural AI presets to choose from.

Exposure AI Presets

These exposure presets take out the hassle of waiting for the perfect light and create stunning results in no time. Even poor lighting is no match for these 60 impressive tools!

Signature AI Presets

My favorite AI Presets that I designed specifically for landscape images. You can enhance light and color, add drama, and much more with these 17 powerful tools.

Analog AI Presets

Take a step back in time with over 100 one-click analog presets. From Fuji to Kodak, Vista, and Polaroid bring that nostalgic feeling into any of your images with over 100 presets.

Instant Results

With just one click, tap into the groundbreaking AI technology in Photoshop and Lightroom to achieve impeccable, professional-grade retouching every single time.

Specifically designed to enhance the dramatic effect of your landscape images. Using these AI presets allows you to rapidly craft powerful transformations to your images.
From changing the entire mood of an image to enhancing the natural beauty, using AI selections to perfect and enhance your art.
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Photoshop & Lightroom

Meet the Creator

Award-winning Creative Director, Kelvin Pimont. With over 20 years of graphic design experience, Kelvin’s art has been used by top brands such as Chanel, Disney, Perrier, and L'Oréal. As an industry-leading educator, Kelvin has amassed a huge following for his easy-to-learn approach to turning any idea into a reality in Photoshop.

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Where revolutionary technology meets expert knowledge. This bundle includes four packs of the most advanced landscape retouching tools you'll ever need. Over 200 effects!


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Customer Testimonials

- Michelle G.
"I will never look at another Landscape image the same after purchasing these presets! They offer so many effects and save me so much retouching time. I highly recommend these tools if you are a Landscape Photographer."

- Jameson V.
"These presets work so well and help me take my images to a whole new level. I feel more creative when editing and am really liking the results. My images look more professional and wall-worthy thanks to these presets!"

- Tammi O.
Having purchased tools from Kelvin in the past, I knew these presets would be great and boy was I right! They have saved me so much editing time and helped improve my workflow. The results are just stunning too!"