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It was one of the easiest things to do yet made the biggest difference.

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Kelvin Pimont Signature Texture Collection


Quickly add atmosphere and drama to your photographs with this huge bundle of almost 200 overlay textures.

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This bundle is for you if…

Some of your images lack depth and you don’t know what to do.

You’ve seen images you love but don’t know how to create them yourself.

You rely on the same tools and they aren’t inspiring you anymore.

Imagine you could…

  • Add amazing and unique texture to your images with a few clicks.
  • Inject creativity and fun into your workflow.
  • Get the look you wanted in no time.

What you'll get

All seven packs of my custom made textures. Totaling almost 200 high-resolution editing tools, these textures will allow you to quickly and easily enhance your images.

Add the feel of wild rusted metal, simple paper grain, abstract patterns, and much more with a few clicks.

Whether you need a heavy-handed fix or a light touch of texture to spice up an already beautiful image, you will find what you need to work quickly and stay creative in this bundle.


Transform Your Photos Instantly!

“I’ve spent years capturing interesting textures to use in my photography and composites. Now you can use them too!”

– Kelvin Pimont

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7 Packs including 199 overlay textures

Kelvin Pimont's Signature Texture Collection Includes:

Wood Textures

$79 included

Give your photos a unique rustic look with this pack of 25 high-resolution textures. Whether you are working on a composite, portrait, landscape, or any other type of image, you will be amazed by what you can achieve with these textures.

Metal Textures

$79 included

25 high-resolution images I’ve captured with a wide variety of patterns, complexity, and color. Using these you’ll be able to add an interesting vintage or rustic look to your images and give a totally unique texture to your landscapes, portraits, and composites.

Abstract Textures

$79 included

49 high-resolution images that can be used as textures, background elements or stand-alone assets. With these tools, you’ll be able to add depth, intrigue and drama to your images with ease.

Grime Textures

$79 included

Use the 25 grime textures in this pack to transform your images, transport your subjects to interesting places, and to add drama to an otherwise flat photo. This pack includes textured paint, patterns, rust, dust, and much more.

Grunge Textures

$79 included

The 25 grunge textures in this pack can be used to instantly transform your photo from something dull to something poppy and bright. These textures are great for design projects, backgrounds, fine art, and much more.

Paper & Fabric Textures

$79 included

Explore fine art & creative fun with my Paper and Fabric textures. This pack includes 25 High-Resolution .jpeg files. Whether you are an experienced Photoshop user or you are just getting started you will love having these to work with!

Fiber Textures

$79 included

This pack includes 25 High-Resolution .jpeg files which you can use to add intrigue and depth to your images. I selected these images as they make a variety of looks possible. You can add creases, patterns, abstract lines, and much more with just a few clicks.

Hear what users have to say…

“I’ve used a lot of fake-looking textures/overlays in the past. These are amazing though!! Really high-quality images so I can get really pro results!!”

“I used to search for hours to find the right image. Now I have this pack I know the perfect texture is already on my drive. Time-saving and easy to use! Thank you!”

“I use these a lot for my graphic design. All the options are amazing and I love knowing that I have these. I can either drop them straight in or as a blending layer for different effects, so cool!”

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Kelvin Pimont Signature Texture Collection


Quickly add atmosphere and drama to your photographs with this huge bundle of almost 200 overlay textures.

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All images are supplied as high-resolution (3000px minimum, majority of images are 5000px) JPG files. They are compatible with ALL graphics software.