How do you add character & drama to your art?

This one-click trick adds a world of emotion to any image.

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4 Packs and over 100 Photoshop Brushes

My Signature Photoshop Brush collection contains four packs of my most powerful editing tools. With over a hundred brushes included, you will have the right tool to transform any image instantly.

You’ve seen the impossibly beautiful images that magically have the perfect clouds, splashes of water, an epic moonrise, and even lightening. How did someone get THAT lucky? Zeus? Thor?

Now you can achieve the same looks with just a few clicks.


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Kelvin Pimont
Photoshop Brushes


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What's Included?

Revolutionize the drama and character of your images! With over a hundred brushes included, you will have the right tool to transform any image instantly.

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Special Effect

44 Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

Add the beauty of the northern lights and the moon, the drama of fog and haze, as well as atmospheric light flares with one click. With the 44 brushes in this pack, you’ll be able to create images you only dreamed of before!

Rain & Splashes

20 Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

Instantly add rain, splashes, puddles and wet reflections to a photo. Easily load these custom Photoshop brushes to transform your photo into a stylistic wet and dramatic photo.

Clouds & Skies

22 Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

Instantly add clouds & skies to a photo. They're very easy to install and use! With these, you can transform any boring photo into a dramatic landscape by adding these clouds and skies.

Snow & Lightning

15 Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

Instantly add snow or lightning to a photo with any of these 15 Photoshop brushes. Install them with a single click and you can start using them right away to add some dramatic effects to your photos!

Transform Your Photos Instantly!

This bundle is for you if…

You've struggled to achieve the results you want in Photoshop.

An image you love isn’t getting the attention it deserves.

You've failed to capture elements when shooting a photo.

Imagine you could…

  • Quickly add rain, splashes, clouds, skies, snow, and lightning to your images.
  • Confidently create incredible images that everyone loves.
  • Get the results you aspire to in a fraction of the time.

“These brushes have not only saved me hundreds of hours of editing but are the secret sauce to my most popular images. I’m really excited to finally share them with you!”

– Kelvin Pimont

Hear what people have to say…

“The day I got this bundle I couldn’t stop pulling up old photos. Images I loved but never looked great are now epic, interesting, and getting attention!”

“I make a lot of composites and these brushes have been incredible. Things that would take me hours before are now done in a few clicks.”

“I’m so happy with what I can do with these brushes. I’m always blown away by how realistic the effects are. Awesome stuff!!!”


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Kelvin Pimont Photoshop Brushes


Transform a dull photo into an impactful work of art. With over 100 brushes included, you will have the right tool to transform any image instantly.

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Compatible with ALL versions of Adobe Photoshop (5.5 and above). Brushes are high-resolution (3000px minimum, majority of brushes are 5000px).