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In this quick course on HDR I will show you how to do HDR in many ways, first using Aurora HDR a Mac only but very powerfull software (coming out very soon in windows version), then using Lightroom only. For windows users we are going to explore HDR Efex pro - free HDR sfotware from Google and at last we are going to do some digital blending with Photoshop. This course should get you up and running very fast into the magical world of HDR!




1 Hour 21 Minutes




Lightroom or Aurora HDR or HDR Efex Pro


HDR intro to Camera Settings

HDR Camera Settings and Intro

Intro to aurora

For this HDR project we are going to use my favorite HDR software Aurora HDR

Final touches in Lightroom

Once we have tone mapped the image we do some final touches in Lightroom

Pano HDR

We are gong to do a pano HDR in Lightroom and Lightroom only !

Straight Horizon

We are going to use the Adaptive Wide Angle filter in Photoshop to corret the Horizon

One HDR in Aurora

We are going to do an HDR with one photo, let's first prepare it in Lightroom

Aurora one HDR

Let's take the photo into Aurora and give that HDR look that is so Popular

HDR Efex Pro

Let's do a full project with this free software from google

Digital Blending

Digital Blending with photoshop is good to get the best out of each exposure !


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